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My services give business owners understanding of not only the how your business stacks up with the competition in order to succeed. I help you understand how to manage and grow your business by benchmarking it against competitors, mapping your customers, competitors and suppliers, and locating the best places to advertise. I give simple and basis understanding of how to run a successful company in the world today.

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Learn how easy it is to make your Business Legal using my incorporation services and focus on your business and my office will handle your paperwork.

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501C3 Setup

Ensure that your venture is organized as a nonprofit corporation under state law with very few exceptions, you must be formally organized as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of a particular state in order to be eligible for a federal tax exemption.

Certify as a

Getting your certification defines your business as being owned, operated and controlled by a MBE/WBE/DBE/VBE/WOSB/EDWOSB/8(a) Program or a GSA Schedule group. If you have a certified owned business, a Certification is a valuable marketing tool for your small business, and can give you special consideration when bidding on contracts with local government.

Acquiring the Certification can expose your business to potential new markets and present you with opportunities that haven’t always been open to you. However, preparing for the application and making sure you have everything necessary to put your hat in the ring can be tedious. Rather than doing it on your own, allow my services to assist you. With our help, you can quickly find out whether or not you’re eligible for small business minority grants, certifications, and job opportunities.

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