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5 ways to Increase your Beauty Business’ Productivity

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Even if your salon or beauty business has been operating for a decade, you should always be searching for ways to improve productivity and increase profits. By taking the time to evaluate and identify areas of improvement you can reap the rewards through informed strategic adjustments.

Here we look at five ways to set you on the path to greater productivity and a rise in revenue:

Skill enhancement

A successful salon or beauty business is always reliant on the skills of its employees and if your staff are not meeting customer expectations then you will lose clientele. By taking an interest in your employees’ development and training, you create a motivated and satisfied workforce. Well-trained staff will also provide a better quality service which you can reward to encourage other employees to develop their skills. All of this combined leads to enhanced productivity and a thriving work environment.


In today’s highly competitive market, pursuing business certification can be a huge competitive advantage, especially for small businesses owned by underrepresented groups. These certifications can be applied for by women, minority and veteran business owners, as well as owners of small businesses who are at a social and economical disadvantage.

The process for applying for certification can be quite complex and time-consuming, however it is worth investing in professional guidance to help you as there are numerous benefits to productivity if you are successful.

Certification allows businesses to compete for private sector and federal government contracts, meaning if you are a beauty product or service supplier you have the potential to win prime contracts that could have a huge positive impact on your revenues.

Certified businesses are also given access to a number of educational and training programs, networking events and technical and management assistance that can all significantly advance your processes, opportunities and productivity.


By automating time-consuming administrative tasks within your beauty business, you are able to channel that time and energy into areas of your business that will bring in further revenue.

Automation of processes such as managing your bookings, keeping track of inventory, billing and invoicing and so on, not only saves time but also reduces the risk of error and frees up your employees’ time to bring in further customers, ultimately increasing productivity.


The most significant opportunity for improving productivity lies within your employees. Even if you as the business owner are working at your maximum potential, you’ll struggle to see an impact if you cannot get your staff to feel the same motivation and engagement.

If you can engage your employees in their work and inspire them to exceed expectations, then you will see the productivity of your business thrive. You can motivate your staff by making them feel invested in the business’ success, allowing them to partake in making vital decisions and rewarding them with bonuses or commissions when they reach certain targets.

Upselling products and services

Directing your energy towards upselling products and services to your existing customer base can often be more productive than targeting new customers. Ensure that your staff are consulting with their clients to offer additional treatments or after-care products that they may be interested in.

If you’re booking or purchasing process is online, then you can use this to present your clients with add-ons that they may wish to buy or book in for. You can also offer bundle packages for a lower cost that will guarantee your customers are returning for a number of treatments or appointments.

There are always opportunities for productivity improvement within any business and particularly when you’re managing a team of people offering services. However, when you have been running your business for some time, it can sometimes be challenging to take a step back and identify room for improvement. Gayle Newcomb offers a range of business consulting services to help you recognize and reach the maximum potential for your salon or beauty business.

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